How can I help this guy?

My home town has a very large homeless population and i fear with the current climate this will only get worse and more dangerous too.

The past couple times I've been into the town I've noticed a young man sleeping on the streets. I instantly recognised him but i couldn't put a name to his face, it been such a long time.

he's not been bothering anyone from what i can see and isn't begging for money. I can tell he's recently been made homeless as he's in a slightly decent sate compared to the other homeless people.

We used to go school together. He wasn't prefect but he was one of the only kids in my class who was kind to me. His home life was never good. He got picked on for living in a caravan and as he got older he started fucking everything and doing lots of drugs. I know he also self harmed by cutting himself.

he's a very trouble young man but he isn't a bad person at all and doesn't deserve to be sleeping on the streets. He needs help and i feel in some way but i own it to him to get involved for always sticking up for me when we were younger.

I remember one time in class, the bullying got really bad and they just wouldn't stop bothering me and trying to touch a nerve by some things they were saying that they knew would hurt me.

After that lesson was over. He came and sat next to me at lunch and told me, he thought i was great and that i didn't deserve the shit i got from people. After that he protected me from my bullys till he was expelled for getting into a fight.

I know there is good in his heart and with a little bit of support he could easily better himself.

If im honest, im scared to approach him. I know he's seen me looking at him but i want to know if there is anything out there to help him get back on his feet without him knowing it was my doing.
How can I help this guy?
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