Do progressive "Reforms" cause more harm than good?

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of NY state pushed through a bail reform law that is basically a catch and release policy. The results of these bail reforms were evident during the riots and the lootings when virtually all those arrested were immediately released back onto the streets with many being re-arrested for additional crimes. a Anyone that follows NY politics knows that the governor continuously panders to different groups to bolster his popularity. This particular piece of legislation was meant to keep under privileged citizens who commit crimes out of jail as long as possible instead of being locked up while waiting for trial.

The suspect (now caught) in the video below was let go after being arrested twice already this year.In 2019, the New York legislature passed one of the most progressive bail-reform packages in the United States, abolishing bail for many misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes. Soon after the law went into effect, in January 2020, the New York Police Department released figures showing a spike in crime, and pointed the finger at the new, looser bail rules
Do progressive "Reforms" cause more harm than good?
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