Why do people get defensive over BLM online?

The internet is international, so not everyone has a problem with racism or police brutality. Geting angry when someone says all lives matter online makes no sense to me, I get that in America it is a problem that needs more attention now, but the internet isn't America. Basically not everyone may pay too much attention to what they say. I mean, maybe someone may sound like they are focused only on their race, which may sound racist to some. In reality, in many places people aren't even used to seeing people of other races, hence they may not consider expressing their opinions in a way that is includes all cultures and skin colors.

Of course, that is not an excuse for anyone to be racist, but the point is on an international platform not everyone will be focused or have the same issues as you, so they may not be aware that you will get offended and why you will be triggered.
Why do people get defensive over BLM online?
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