What's taboo in your country?

Disclaimer: The country on my profile setting is not my actual country.

So where I'm from the taboos are feminism, women's rights, men's mental health (people think no men have mental issues), women's mental health (if a woman mention she's struggling mentally, people would just think it's normal and every woman has it and it's gon go away and that's the reason why our mental states are all so bad), just mental issues in general (if u bring up being bipolar or having depression, people gon think ur a psychopath who belongs to the mental institution), oral sex (I just recently found out just a month ago when I returned to my country due to the epidemic, I was having sex with a girl and after she told me she was shocked that I asked if I could go down on her because people here don't do oral sex and most of them don't even ask for consent during sex?), old couples showing affection (will be viewed as unprofessional and childish), having tattoos, not wanting to have kids, being single over 30, divorce, being a single parent, women smoking (when men smoke it's alright, but when women smoke, boomers gon start talking shit), women drinking (will be viewed as slutty and unfeminine) and a lot more but so far these are the biggest ones I guess. What's considered as taboo in your country?
What's taboo in your country?
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