Are we lost in labels?

My answer to this is obviously yes, but what are your thoughts?

Why I ask this is because I've spent time here trying to dismantle people's focus on labeling others usually based on a single feature without actually knowing who that person actually is.
People referring to rioters as "Radical Leftists",
Calling a woman a "progressive" because she's sexually promiscuous
You read silly statements like: "Communists are trying to take over America", obviously these people have 0 clue what communism, socialism, and whatever *isms etc actually are and tend to equate all the *isms they disagree with as the same thing.

I personally think it's quite silly to use these labels because no person is defined by a single characteristic.

I will use myself as an example:
>If people *only heard my opinions about money in politics, they will call me a lefty, or progressive.
>If they *only heard my opinions about "LGB" they will also say I'm a lefty, or progressive
>If they *only heard my opinions about "T" and every other alphabet after T: some will say I'm a right-wing intolerant bigot, some will say it's just commonsense.
>If they *only knew *some of my thoughts about Donald Trump, the positive ones perhaps with the negatives hidden, they'll call me a right-winger, possibly alt right if they didn't know what colour I was.
>If they heard *only my opinions on police brutality, they'll call me a radical lefty
>If they heard my opinions about modern art, they'll call me conservative.
>If they knew I was for single payer healthcare system, they'll call me: a socialist, some will say I'm a communist,

So given that I'm all these things at the same time, what am I?
Left or Right
Progressive or Conservative
Socialist, communist or Capitalist

Each person is a mix of things, I believe that if everyone was given the same information, in a concise manner and free from bias, we would find that most people are just reasonable and labels are meaningless and creates division.
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Are we lost in labels?
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