Do you think pregnant women who take drugs or drink should be sent to jail?

My mom works with prematurely born babies and she tells me stories sometimes that really piss me off. Like a business woman who's an alcoholic and who was found collapsed with 4.9 promille during her pregnancy and apparently she was let go again. She was drinking throughout her regnancy this was just one of the worst incidents. First of all I think doctors should check for signs of addictions with pregnant women and if something like this happens the woman should be sent to a clinic and not let go until she gives birth. And I also think women who do things like this should get something like 2 years in prison.

There was another woman who was friends with her doctor and she was addicted to pain meds and her baby is also fucked up now because she didn't quit. If someone is a hard core addict you can't just leave it in their responsibility someone has to step in a protect the child or they will be screwed up for life just because nobody had the balls to do anything.
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My question wasn't totally clear. I would send them to a clinic during pregnancy to stop them from harming the child further once it's known that they're doing this. And the ones that showed complete disegard for their child I would send them to prison after the child is born. But prison here is more focused on rehabilitation and isn't dangerous. I just want them to stay clean and appreciate what they had and didn't value. And also show that there will be consequences for this as a deterrent for
Do you think pregnant women who take drugs or drink should be sent to jail?
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