Cost-Effective flight to Mars. What do you think?

It presently costs $11,000 per pound to put a human being on the international space station. Flying to Mars with chemical rockets is an insane waste of time and money. It takes 6 months to reach Mars with a chemical rocket.

If we reactivated the NERVA nuclear Fission rocket program, it is possible to reach Mars in 32 hours for $51,000 worth of Uranium fuel per PERSON, and it is possible to fly slower and reach Mars in 30 days for about $4 worth of Uranium fuel per PERSON.

The NERVA rocket program was canceled about 50 years ago, because alarmist environmentalists thought the radiation would destroy the environment. IN reality, NERVA rockets produce less radiation than the background radiation from the Sun and Carbon 14 decay.

In my lifetime, scientists will also figure out how to do Hydrogen Fusion, and Fusion is 100 times as energy dense as nuclear Fission per unit mass. So then you'd be able to fly to Mars in one day for about the same price a NERVA rocket could fly to Mars in 30 days.

NERVA rocket technology is safe and clean, it doesn't produce any pollution, and Fusion rocket technology doesn't produce any pollution.

Chemical rockets are 30% efficient and weigh millions of pounds due to fuel which doubles as the propellant..
NERVA rockets are 60% efficient and you still need a million pounds of propellant.
Fusion rockets are about 90% efficient, and you need millions of pounds of propellant.
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Okay, I re-dide the calculations for this, and found that one kilogram is not enough to get to Mars in 30 days and back.

You actually need more like 2 kilograms to push a ship the size of the Space Shuttle with a 7 man crew to Mars in 30 days, and then 1 kilogram for the return journey in 30 days, because you're pushing less weight of propellant for the return journey, and Mars surface gravity is 1/3rd that of Earth and Mars escape velocity ins 1/2 that of Earth, so it's half the price return
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So for round trip for a 7 man crew you would need 3 kilograms of Uranium. If you have additional cargo, which you should send, that doubles the cost in fuel and doubles the amount of propellant you need, so if you sent 75 tons of cargo with the 7 man crew, you could reach Mars in 30 days each way, and it would cost you 6 total kilograms of Uranium and about 6 million pounds of propellant, which again could be something as cheap as liquid CO2 for all I care.
Cost-Effective flight to Mars. What do you think?
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