Have you ever met a murderer?

My auntie works at one of Britain's top
high-security psychiatric hospitals and she has worked with a lot of the uks most famous killers among with other people with extreme mental issues and have done the worst crimes not even imaginable.

I do not glamorise murders but i am a big ture crime fan and im fascinated with how psychopaths mines work.

I've asked my auntie questions about her job and she's told me some stories but will only hint who the killer was and one time she got stabbed and bitten my a cannibal and my dad had to visit her in hospital so that story was pretty hard to keep from me.

Im really inspired by my auntie and one day i want to do the same job as her even if there are dangers involved. I told her this and as you can imagine she tried to talk me out of it and told me it isn't a job just anyone can do. This ended up her telling me everything i needed to be to do her job and it just made me even more interested in doing it myself.

But anyway enough of story time, I'm really interested to know if anyone has ever met a murderer. I understand this is not a topic to take lightly and i mean no disrespect to the victims or anyone involved im only asking for educational reasons and to get more insight into murders and what kind of person they are outside of being a killer.
Have you ever met a murderer?
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