When China will overtake the US?

When China will overtake the US?
I remember that in the early 2000s, the forecasts said that if China continued with high economic growth, it would probably replace the United States as the first world power by 2050. But it turns out that in that decade, China grew even more than expected (and the United States did not have a significant growth), so 10 years later the forecasts had changed, for 2010 there was talk that China replace the US before 2040, surely by 2035. Since 2015 the idea that China could replace the US 2030 gained strength, which is surprising because very little is missing. And you, in what year do you think China will surpass the United States? Or do you think that will never happen?
Reviewing the data, the US is still 7,000,000 billion above China, which is a considerable figure. But the gap narrows every year and we do not know what situations can favor or harm each country. It will surely be a while before we can determine how much the trade war and the recent pandemic have influenced the situation in both countries.
There are other important data that reveal the recent achievements of China, for example, in 2013 the Chinese surpassed the US for the first time in exports, in 2016 the Chinese became the nation with the highest scientific production and in 2019 China dethroned the US in requests patent.
On the other hand, it is important to highlight that the United States the so-called 'soft power', the ability of a country to influence others. Although the diplomacy of the Trump government is not seen as very friendly in the rest of the world, if is friendly the film production or the music industry. The Chinese are still seen as a distant nation with different customs in Europe, Africa and America. The USA, on the other hand, speaks English, which is the lingua franca in the world (and much easier to learn than Chinese for the many speakers of French, Spanish or German)
When China will overtake the US?
China will never surpass the United States (or at least not in this century)
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China will overtake the US after 2040
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China will overtake the US between 2030 and 2040
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China will overtake the US between 2025 and 2030
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China will overtake the US between 2020 and 2025
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China has already overtaken the U. S.
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When China will overtake the US?
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