What's a good one year program that would make me a lot of money?

well, what program would be best if I just want to make money? what trades, vocation, training program at a college or university program do you think would help?


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  • Anything medical really.. CNA (Certified nursing assistant), CMA, Dental Assistant, etc..

    The "assistant" certifications are typically a way to work along-side the profession you want to be in for the long-term, but that allow you to get some job-experience and monetary income while you finish your schooling.. I wouldn't recommend a 1 year program for a long-term thing, maybe 4-5 years at most, while you save up to continue your schooling..

    If you can extend your limit by a year, you'll open up a whole spectrum of options.. From photography, to xray techs, to dental hygenists, etc.. And all those professions CAN average about 20/hr depending on where you work, the geographical area, etc.. (So as to say, a CNA in my area (small town) who is working at a run down retirement home, will make more money if they moved to a bigger town and worked at a hospital)..

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I would recommend RDA (registered dental assistant) or LPN/LVN(licensed vocational/practical nurse). There are plenty of jobs that make good money and don't take much training BUT the market is not good for most of them and you would having trouble finding a job when you graduate. The key is to find a job that is both in demand in a tough economy AND pays nicely, which, there aren't a lot of. Also, CNA(certified nursing assistants), CMA(certified medical assistants), and such make decent money, but not "a lot". I am a CNA in california who makes $15 an hour at peak earning times. It's nice money and it pays for schooling but I wouldn't be comfortable living on my own with the money I make. It's not enough to buy a house on, let's put it that way. Good luck with your search!

  • You won't make a lot of money with only one year of training/education

  • CNA takes a few months (pay is 10-14/hr) <---where I'm from, it differs other places

    LPN is one year (13-18/hr)

    RN is 2 years (26+/hr)

    that's good money, and easy to find a job. any technical college offers these classes.

    • Actually, it takes longer than two years to become a RN. Diploma RNs spend three years in their program, Getting an associate's degree in nursing takes 3 years minimum but typically takes up to 5 because of the degree GE and the prereqs. You would be lucky to become a RN in 4 years, especially considering that Diploma programs are almost gone completely.

    • Actually, I completed my associate's RN in two years because I took the general classes with the nursing classes. The majority of registered nurses are ones with associate degrees.

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