Besides the COVID pandemic what other things had gone wrong in your life and in your country this 2020?

The virus itself had been the worst thing the human kind had to endure this 2020, but besides that other things had gone wrong in your life or your country And you asked yourself "Definitely this is not my year and I wish to fly fast or return time and maybe 2021 will be better". Also like plans you had to fullfill this year and now they are cancelled or suspended because we are all or were still in lockdown or quarantine in our houses without doing anything (nto even gathering with our family and love ones) and time flies fast cause from home you can't do much things anyway. Do you also believe that the number 2020 has something to do with the fact this year was a wake up call for the humanity in other life aspects to change the way we think in life, to improve, to become a better individuals, to care more for others (family, friends,) be grateful for many things we always take for granted, to appreciate family quality time, to take care more for our countries among many other things.

In my personal experience this year had not been the best one for me. 1. Im with no job since last year, cause last year I got fired and in January when I wnted to try to look for a job nothing showed up and then the virus came and everything got even harder to look for a job outside. So no money coming in for me. I can't work from home because my job position can't do it from the house.. 2. I thought this year in Feb (before the virus) I had something wrong with my health (the feminine department down there I got scared) but I went to check it out for the first time in my life and fortunately everything turn out ok, nothing so serious that I thought. 3. No gatherings or get togethers or bdays with my relatives. 4. I could not contact anymore with my crush the first months of the year cause he ghosted me since December of last year and I never knew why but I wanted to see the guy again but this year was really impossible.
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The guy and I met 5 years ago and we got along so well and fine and even gone out on dates in the past. So I stop pursuing him. 5. Two weeks I received the most devasting news ever. This guy died of a heart attack during his normal Sunday bike ride to some hills, he died instantly. He was just 47, healthy, eat good, and take care of himself, I m so so sad and I can't believe that just one month ago I was wishing Happy Birthday. I was even thinking to get in contact with him again after
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he ghosted me some months ago but I never texted him again, cause he ghosted me. And then I found out this guy had a bipolar personality maybe a reason for h is always strange behavior towards me in years. I mourn him everyday, he was my first real crush in my life. 6. A first male cousin was infected with COVID and even was hospitalized (he is fine now)

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Besides the COVID pandemic what other things had gone wrong in your life and in your country this 2020?
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