How long can US survive this Socialist movement?

Socialism is taking over the US. From forced masks , to shutting down the economy, to how many people can be in a building.

The greatest generation (World War 2 generation) really caused this by spoiling there kids when they got back after the war. You can't blame them really. They had seen destruction, people tortured , and people killed. They didn't want their kids to go through that. So, they spoiled their children. Those kids were the anti authority , pot smoking/drug using , and sex crazy baby boomers.

Now we have their kids still smoking pot and using drugs and having sex with people that they don't know their name. These kids don't think they should work , and the Government should provide everything for them like drugs, video games, cash , and even a sex change. That is what happens when parents give you that you want. They didn't have to work to pay for college or their cars.

Now we have unwanted children because the boys run back to mommy , a national debt of 26 Trillion and rising. They lie 4 or more times a day, steal items, cheat on tests, and play video games all day or look at their cell phones (that someone gave them) all day. They have no work ethics , really no morals or ethics.

This is why there is no future for the US. These new socialists hate the US and only want freebies. This why US won't last much longer. We can't have just takers and expect to survive. When two takers marry or live together that relationship is doomed to fail. That is why most relationships only last less than one year.

They don't believe in God or Jesus , so how can you expect them to live moral lives. How can you expect them not to lie , cheat, and steal? A country with people that are immoral can not survive for very long. It happened to Rome and it will happen to US.
Decay of Rome
Decay of Rome
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How long can US survive this Socialist movement?
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