Why believe anything the Specialists say about Chinese Virus 19 ?

First they said don't waste time wearing a mask , it won't stop spread of virus, then they said wear mask. They said millions in America would die in a few months, now they say 200,000 by December. Then they said shut down economy and stay indoors and that will do it, now they say whoops I guess we were wrong. Then they it will vanish when it gets hot outside, now it has come back with 90 degree temperatures.

The media says do what the experts say. Why? What have they gotten right? Now Media blames Trump on the failure of others. They say nothing about China which created the Virus and told no one about it. China could have kept it inside of China , but refused to admit to their mistake.

The media refuses to mention the Democrats also caused the spread of Virus by calling President Trump a racist when he tried to stop travel between China and US , and Europe and US. Then Democrats started rioting spreading the virus even more. They also called the burning of buildings, and looting peaceful.

How could anyone with any sense still believe anything the media says? They lied about Russia and Trump, about Ukraine pro quo, and Trump and prostitutes that pee on beds. All proven lies by the media and Democratic leaders.

So , we know Biden doesn't have much of a lead, if any, because media says he does. Remember Hillary? Another lie by media. If Trump has lied a million times , then the media has lied 2 million times. Schiff has lied even more. He said he had actual evidence proving all allegations against Trump , but could not provide any in Senate Impeachment.

Disgusting !
We can't , they have been wrong about it all along.
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It is just like Global Warming , now we know they are wrong on that too
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Maybe they will get it right soon.
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Why believe anything the Specialists say about Chinese Virus 19 ?
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