If Your Name was Karen, Would You Change it?

I feel sad for all the females named 'Karen' in our world. Their name has negative connotations associated with it these days. Who picked the name "Karen" to represent the stereotypical manager-seeking woman anyhow? lol. My mom isn't named Karen and when I was a kid she was forever asking to see managers or sending restaurant food back because it wasn't "just right" for her delicate taste buds. It was embarrassing for me but she has escaped scot-free! She has experienced ZERO repercussions for her behavior! It doesn't seem right. So now I fear that all Karens have to change their name. That really sucks!
YES! I would change it ASAP.
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NO! I would be PROUD to be named Karen.
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My name is Karen and I am keeping it!
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My name is Karen and I will change it soon.
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If Your Name was Karen, Would You Change it?
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