Does this bodycam of the police officers who arrested George Floyd change your mind on why he tragically died?

Firstly i would just like to say i mean no disrespect to anyone in this video I've linked and im purely asking this question out of sake of having a open, honest discussion on how people feel about the topic now new evidence has came out.

My opinion is that im aware that the media lies constantly to cause drama but i am truly disgusted how quick they were to point the finger at racism as to why George Floyd died.

Secondly i don't understand how the police deal with people in the USA but i think it was very unnecessary to point at gun at George when first approaching him especially when they wanted to take him away for forgery it's not as if its a violent crime were a gun at first approach would be needed. I think anybody would be a little shocked if someone pointed a gun at their car window before even really giving them a chance to understand what's going on.

Also it's clear George was resisting possibly due to being mentally ill or under the inference. He did not help himself in the matter and you can hear his friends telling him to stop resisting. He also wasn't being clear or coperating with the police when they were with him. I honestly believe if he'd just carmed down and did as the officers asked he probably would still be here today.

But on the other hand i disagree how the one police officer kneeled on his neck, when he kept saying he couldn't breath. I don't know if that is apart of the training but, i don't know how that gets past health and safety and he did seem very unbothered and neglectful when it came to George tried to tell him to stop.

Also nothing was mentioned about his race the whole time and if the officers had the intention of killing i don't think they would have called a ambulance and then the one police officer would had bothered try to save Georges life and as you can hear in the video was very keen on helping the medics. Apparently this officer has also been arrested too for Georges murder too when in fact he tried to save him.
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The only officers i think should have gone prison is the one who knelt on his neck depending on his autopsy results as you could argue George was under the influence possibly that effected his breathing and he also said he recently recovered from covid 19.
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I think given everything that has came out about the officer who kneeled on his neck. He should be the only one in prison. the police department should be investigated as to why he was even still a officer as having 17 complaints. You can even tell from other videos that police officer was extremely unprofessional. He's still kneel on his neck when he's unconscious and pulls at pepper spray on bystanders telling him stop. He's seems like he's the type who goes on power trips.
Does this bodycam of the police officers who arrested George Floyd change your mind on why he tragically died?
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