Why "N" word is offensive but not white trash?

As a white, do you get offended if someone call you "white trash." I get very offended.
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I would never use the "N" word. But if a black uses it, nobody take any offense but if whites do. He's going to jail.

I do believe in equality but both sides must be equal that's my point.
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You all people are taking this question in a wrong way, I really condemn the "N" word Please I request you to never use it not even in casual way.

But white trash is also not a respectful term either and should not be used. When someone calls me white trash I find it so hurtful, but people seems to be okay with it. And you all are giving the reference of origin of the "N" word and linking it to the past. Wtf!!! is wrong with you, we are in 21st century. And we have strict laws against slavery.
Why "N" word is offensive but not white trash?
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