What are your thoughts on India's "reputation" culture?

Note: I know it's a problem in most Asian countries, I'm of Indian origin hence why I mentioned India.

I guess this one is mostly for indians on the app. Feel free to drop your thoughts if you are non-Indian.

One of my previous posts seems to have triggered a lot of Indian guys.

I posted a question to see if other people also getting harnessed on their DMs. From my experience it had been all Indian guys, repeatedly trying to sext even if I told them to stop. So wanted to check how widespread the problem is. Are they messaging me because I'm also Indian or they are just harassing all the girls here.

Rather than acknowledging that harassing is unacceptable a lot of the guys seems to have got triggered of my use of "Indian guys". Which sounds too familiar to the problem girls in India faces.

I should just block them and shouldn't have mentioned "India" for the world to see. It brings shame to the country blah balh. Are you guys really this stupid? If you cannot acknowledge the problem then how would would solve it?

Rape victims gets blamed for dressing "inappropriately".

People stay in abusive marriage for the sake of "reputation"

It's worrying to see the next generation of Indians still have the same mentality.

For those of you who think your negative comments affects me, lmao read through my opinions and replies. I openly say I'm a slut. So yh, waste your time somewhere else.

My take in life is, take ownership of your own actions. Try and understand the problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having open discussion. There is nothing wrong in criticising.

Criticising certain Indian culture or certain problem doesn't mean I hate India.

If you can't face the problem, then there is no solution to be found. 🤷🏾‍♀️
What are your thoughts on India's "reputation" culture?
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