Is Corvid 19 a trick?

I dont want to cause panic or alarm, I dont have any inside information or anthing like that and Im not making any claims.

However, it seems to me that if there were some dark conspiracy to sterilise everyone or cull the human race or something this is what that would look like.

Because you wouldn't want resistance and you couldnt just out of the blue tell everyone they have to be 'treated' it would be too obvious, people would see that coming. So you have to disguise it, you have this theatre for a while, months or years everyone is confined to their house etc, there is no reason really to think this Corvid 19 is real if you haven't seen it first hand yourself, its just something you have been told and as a reasonable and socially responsible person you have gone along with it.

But what if it is a lie or dark forces take advantage of a real situation to further their goals?

Im not one to get carried away with ideas that Bill Gates is trying to kill everyone, so dont go making the mistake that this question is born out of me having bought into that, its really just a case of acknowledging that there are too many people and if i had been born into a position of extreme power and priviledge and can easily see how i might look at the 'little people' like ants and maybe i would dehumanise them completely and even convince myself that something like this was not only justified but even my duty.

So what do you think? Will you take the vaccine when it comes?

Do you have any doubts?

Would your opinion change if your government tells you that you have to take it?
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Is Corvid 19 a trick?
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