Can you argue the eastern culture view on women?

For most of my life, I have been pro gender equality. As being a man of science from an Eastern society, I realise the intelligence and capacity of women that makes them competitive to us in all fields of life.

And I have also despised the physical abuse of women by men to suppress them. And the idea of them being employees for their husbands, cook, wash, get fucked, get paid.
In the eastern world it is so financially one sided to the point you can't process the idea of women being attracted to men in the first place. For instance in the context of sex, a modern trendy girl can use the phrase "I fucked him" with the male being the subject. Being educated I can understand and accept that. But it is hard to process that in a public mass mind. Because for them in sex there is only one 'doer'.

Now I am in my late 20s, close to getting married in a traditional Eastern way - which I don't refuse. Even though modern concept of marriage is common and available - which I couldn't establish, for neglected reasons.

And I have to be confirmist and side with the majority and stand back and say to my previous self, and whoever agrees with it.
You are wrong! Your equality, isn't actually an equality.

Given the submissive nature of women, and given the fact that nature was unfair between us, as we men don't carry babies or breastfeed or have periods. The inequality would be not to treat them. Or not to take care of them both financially and emotionally. Instead of letting them do the public work and the house work only for an intimacy which turns out a lot of times to be fake by the way, leaving them with nothing but an emotional frustration or being single mums or a public entity to stand up for them.

Can you argue that?

Your opinions make a huge impact. I want to read them.
Can you argue the eastern culture view on women?
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You maybe referring that this argument only applies between morals. And I am convinced that all people consider themselves moral regardless of opinion. That's all.
Can you argue the eastern culture view on women?
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