What do you make of "reinfection"?

I totally think it's another fear tactic to prolong an unnecessary shutdown. I had it already and have been re-exposed numerous times. Guess what people, immunology still works. The only thing that has a shred of possibility is a new mutated strain. However, that isn't true reinfection. The guy they are claiming was re-infected was from Hong Kong, which is right next door to ground zero. They are claiming he got it in Spain, but I find that to be highly suspect, especially due to his proximity to China where a mutation is more likely to take place. Though the "news" media try to imply it is reinfection, the so called experts haven't ruled out mutation. The other possibility with mutation is that it will be less virulent, though they don't want you to hear that. Do you think re-infection is a fantasy (outside of new mutated strain)?
What do you make of "reinfection"?
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