What do you think of modern feminism?

Personally, I don't like the feminism of nowadays. It's too radical. Feminists make women a weak being who must be favored by law all the time, even when there are no evidence of abuse, violence or anything.
And poor man who's accused of abuse cause the world is gonna go behind him although there is no evidence.
I just want equality, a real one.
If you're gonna make women to have more opportunities in the world of work also for men. It doesn't need to be 50% men 50% women cause the only thing that need to matter in a job interview should be your own talent. Not the gender.
I'm just so tired of the sexist behavior and stereotypes that a lot of women have of men.
Girl, you're not a victim just because you're a woman! And the boy isn't an abuser just because he has a penis!
You're you, not your gender.
What do you think of modern feminism?
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