Why do some people have it so much better in life than others?

Some people are born rich while others are born in third world countries. Some people go there whole life and never get sick some kids die of cancer. Is it just bad luck? Do you feel like you have been dealt bad cards in life?


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  • Just because someone is born rich doesn't automatically mean they'll be happy and have no challenges throughout their lives. The rich kid could grow up and have no real family relationships with his parents always working so he's not happy, just empty. And that child born in a third world country could be the happiest kid there is, living in poverty with his family -- but surrounded by love, because it's all he's ever known.

    Everyone's dealt different cards in life. It's not fair, no. But it's just the way it is. We all have problems, but it's how you face those adversities and remain positive that defines you.


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  • Fair question, and we all wonder the same thing. But you have to keep in mind that we might THINK someone is better off than us, when they don't feel that way, so it's all about perception. Happiness is the most important thing and someone who has a lot isn't necessarily happier than someone who doesn't.

    Example: my friend spent a few weeks on an island doing charity work, watching kids roll a tyre up and down the road and having the time of their lives doing it, and thinking of us back here in the states with our iPhones, and video games, and she said her boyfriend said to one of the islanders "We feel sorry for you."

    He replied "We feel sorry for you! We have a simple life. You have all the distractions of wealth, materialism, technology, etc."

    To them, that'd be a terrible way to live, yet we think we're better off.


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  • it's just is... it's life - c'est la vie.

    I wonder this sometimes too - you may not believe this, but I believe that God has placed each one of us where were are for a purpose, whether we know what that is or not. It's up to us, with his guidance, to make the best of it.

    Dealt bad cards? Heck no. I'm very blessed, like thousands of others. It's all in perspective.

  • everyone goes through hardships...its just tht,the one who goes through feels tht everyone else's is free of problems.most people deal with the issues tht you don;t have.

  • You can't control the hand you're dealt. You just have to buckle down and play with it.