Am I disrespecting Jackie O?

I came across an old gallop poll yesterday which listed the most admired people of the 20th century. There were five women on the list, Elenor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa, Jacqueline Kennedy, Margret Thatcher, and Helen Keller. Although there were several men I was surprised to be listed, Jackie Kennedy seemed to be out of place among the other women listed as well.

Now I'm quite aware that often there's little correlation between one's contribution to the world and the level of admiration they garner, I mean we live in the age of the Kardashians; but for Jackie to be listed and Amelia Earhart omitted seemed pretty off to me. I was told I was undervaluing Jackie's contribution after I stated that "there is nothing one can name that Jackie contributed to the nation or world that Coco Channel didn't invent".

Is my perspective off, was she right, am I selling Jackie short?
Am I disrespecting Jackie O?
Am I disrespecting Jackie O?
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