How do you personally define Justice?

In my other post I asked if you believe in justice, and I defined it based on my expanded Interpretation of the official definition. Some people accepted that , many disagree- which is what I expected, I would Have been very surprised had that not happened.

{I think it is interesting the farther removed we are from the conception of conceits the stranger they sound in actuality. I am not going to go further into that NOW though I intend to dig into it at a later point. ๐Ÿ˜Š }

Atm, I would very much like to hear in your Personal opinion :

1 What justice refers to.

2 What function Justice holds in society.
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by the way, I DO intend to respond to the responses on the other post and this one. It will Take me a while bc the world is falling apart around me. Half literal/ half hyperbole. Well balanced chaos 😎

How do you personally define Justice?
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