Is feminism an anti average male movement?

Women have always hated the average man. Unless you're a Chad stud 8.5/10 and above women will hate you forever. They are programmed to attack you like white blood cells attack foreign objects.

In the past women were oppressed and couldn't speak their minds openly for fear of getting beaten or humiliated or something. But in the modern and democratic age of free speech they aren't ashamed anymore to admit the truth. It's their nature they are programmed to make fun of the average man.
They don't care about violence if they're getting abused from a hot stud or a bad boy school dropout Chad. But if the average male just barely raises his voice to ask about something she will feel threatened abused

And that's the feminist idea after all to make women stay away from "normal" and average men. We already live in a society where gender equality exists (unless you're from the middle east)

What's up with this modern misandrist anti average male movement.
Is feminism an anti average male movement?
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