Was anyone else aware that police are paid more than teachers?

So I don’t follow politics that much but I’ve always been an avid supporter of both teachers and police. However, my friend who is a police officer, was bragging on Facebook how he makes more than “stupid teachers”. My cousin is a teacher so I didn’t like his verbiage but he told me he called them dumb because they have degrees and he doesn’t and he makes on average $10,000 more than a starting teacher as a starting police officer with no education or experience. He also posts stuff on his page about how school funding should be cut and given to police because teachers indoctrinate and are useless and complain. I asked my cousin (teacher) if the salary thing was true and she said it was. I don’t understand how that could be? She even showed me the school resource officer payscale compared to teacher payscale and their salary is also higher. Why? I know it’s not ‘education is a scam’ because I went to college and I make almost $70k with 3 years nursing experience. But why are teachers not valued anymore? I loved all my teachers and they saved me from a lot of bad situations when I was school and i learned so much from them. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for my English teacher taking the time to help me when my parents divorced...

I love my daughter’s teacher, too. They’re all so nice! I didn’t realize until now how little respect everyone has for them. I know the media is basically flaming them right now but I had no clue how deep it really was.
Was anyone else aware that police are paid more than teachers?
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