Why are people such fools about Biden?

They quote Biden’s disavowing of violence which was stated on Aug31 2020.

Biden ignored violence, looting, annexing, rioting, and killing since May 26,2020

thats over 3 months of ignoring the topic.
Trump is forced to constantly condemn groups or individuals he has no affiliation to and his word is never accepted yet Biden states it once and everyone tries to force it down your throat like it was done long ago and that it was sincere.
Democrats prey on the naive, the colored and the poor. Racial division benefits Democrats as they are seen as the surrogate for injustices. They really on radicalizing generation after generation of youth not because they will turn out in vast numbers in one election but rather that eventually the majority of the living public is dominated by generations of radicalized individuals voting.
Democrats claim Democracy dies in Darkness and Obama state’s that Authoritarianism is coming to America.
100years ago in 1919 the two parties formed which lead Europe into WW2.
Here in America we see crackdown of ideology, social media, information.
Darkness is where deception and evil thrives. People must awaken from their slumber before the end arrives.
Why are people such fools about Biden?
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