What are some good conservative ideas?

I'm definitely a liberal, but just in the interest of giving everything a chance.😊

The second amendment is definitely good, but I don't agree with how accessible they are, or how powerful they can be with certain attachments.

Private schools have pros and cons. Religions use them to indoctrinate kids with all kinds of bullshit, "alternative" history, no sex ed, purity culture, etc. But in the best of cases private schools offer better curriculums to a market thats looking for it. Good jobs and well payed teachers. Personally I see more cons than pros but its up for debate.

Traditional marriage? Well I'm gay, so fuck that basically😂

Small government. I can see the appeal, not having as many rules and red tape for every little thing, but at the same time, society is really complicated and needs lots of management. Government could reasonably be small when horses were the only transportation and people had at most a dozen different careers they could do, but things are different now. Now we have drones and multilevel marketing schemes and cyber terrorists. shits complicated.

I don't know, im just thinking out loud cause im bored. If you feel like it, tell im wrong and why or suggest something I haven't thought of✌
What are some good conservative ideas?
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