Are you aware of how terrible the US economy is looking?

Shutting down the economy has devastated us more than most realize. If we looked at other countries deeply affected by covid, and saw how they successfully stabilized their economy... it would make sense to try and emulate what they've done. There was such strong gap between democratic and republican views on this. We ended up making some terrible economic decisions.

The truth of the matter is that the US Dollar is on the verge of collapse, hence why gold is going up. We are in the process of losing our reserve currency status. The real rate of inflation is now measured at almost 10%. No reputable economist, accountant, or anyone in finance agrees with how the government gauges inflation. It's so abundantly obvious that they're intentionally gauging with inaccurate measures to make it seem less severe. You earned a 20% return with your portfolio? Yeah, not really. Source

The federal reserve is creating more and more of a financial gap between middle class and rich by exploiting the indexing system that most Americans utilize in their 401ks and IRAs. These top companies are overbought and producing little to no real value. They're attempting to kill off our debt by creating mass inflation. It's now at a unsustainable point because we cannot raise interest rates as this would collapse everything.

There are a couple of different routes that can be taken. Something will absolutely happen as soon as this stimulus stops. We can migrate into socialism. We can digitize our dollar utilizing block chain technology just as other countries are starting to do. Or we can simply allow the natural order of free market capitalism to fail and regain traction which would take 5-10 years. We would see a banking collapse since they're so leveraged and utilize practices such as fractional reserve banking. The housing market is expecting a collapse in 2021.
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Wrapping up- the government is really fucking over Americans, and have done so in a way in which the sheep don't notice. The reality is that they're creating a massive socioeconomic divide in a magnitude that we've never seen before, and we're due for a dollar crisis/and or economic collapse. Middle-class Americans will be paying the price for this.
Are you aware of how terrible the US economy is looking?
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