What you're opinion on people paying tribute to lost ones on social media?

This may be a very unpopular opinion but i find social media death tributes extremely distasteful and actually really disrespectful.

I've always felt this way but especially now with Chadwick Boseman. I get he's a grate role model and has touched many through his work and charity work but i personally feel if someone has touched you that much you'd have abit more respect to pay tribute in a better way rather than making a sad tweet making their death about you so you can get some social media brownie points so you can let everyone online know how good of a person you are. Instead of being humble and doing it private.

For example Chadwick Boseman did a tone of work helping children with cancer and was extremely passionate about the cause. Maybe instead of doing a quick tweet and then getting on with the rest of your day after thinking you've done some good gesture for the day. You could donate some money or time towards the charity he was so passionate about and i know it may sound crazy to some people but doing it without posting it online as well.

Even when it not a celebrity i find it disrespectful, if someone does that kind of shit when i die, im haunting them first when i become a ghost. Even going as fair as sending a card or flowers to the loss ones house or family might be a little better than posting "so sad # is dead 😭❤️ R. I. P" and then going back to watching cat videos online. It so ture but once a artist dies they'll make more money. I notice it so much once a celebrity dies, there all sudden everyones favourite and was always such a inspiration too them even though they never met them personally or paid interested in their work till now. I remember when George Michael died, i was sad for a little while and then moved on, didn't feel the need to post about it online.
What you're opinion on people paying tribute to lost ones on social media?
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