Do you think that still there are things where women need the help of a another person even if they deserve to feel independent and free?

For example the need of a man or anyone. I mean now with feminism or extreme feminism around teh globe and women more involved in jobs that in the past wre more men´s jobs also now many women have high executive positions in companies, and in otehr business, they still nbee in some way help from men? Or since many women ask for freedom, independence and equity , many of them say they dont need anyone to help them, they can manage on their own. And women now say we are not the weak sex anymore, we dont need a man to step on us so they feel stronger and have power over us.

Im going to put an example that may be related or not be related to this post. One month ago there was a homicide (well it is a femicide anyway) where a professiona doctor who worked in a private hospital and was murdered in her hotel room. She was raped, asphixiated , had bruises on her body and bites on her neck and cheeks., she was stabbed and then wrapped in a room white blanket and left her there in the room. The murderer was a hotel worker and the hotel manager was indirectly involved in the murder as well, the police found that weeks later into the investigation. It seem the hotel manager and the worker were friends and probably were accomplices. The hotel manager was the one who gave the lady bites on her neck and cheeks the other dude was the one who killed her. The murder took place at night. The beach hotel were the murder took place was not a big one. Noone in the hotel saw anything that night cause the hotel was practically free of clients, this is due for the pandemic, in my country where I live, hotels were not totally authorized to open yet to its full capacity, only the hotels were authorized to open to 50% of clients capacity, that means less people in a hotel. But the weekend of the murder it seems, in the hotel there were no customers jsut the hotel staff.
maybe she was the only one guest., asi ti seems from a text the lady sent to her friends
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mentioning "Im practically alone in the hotel and the beach has no people". it seem the fact that she was vacationing alone she was not worried. The lady was vacationing alone that weekend just with her dog as she wanted to relax and she was an attractive lady. So in my country now we are in a debate that how come just becaues we were born women we can't go out freely, without the help from anyone and vacationing by ourselves without always fear that something will happen wth us just beca
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we are women and men in my country are killing women for the fact that we are women. Let me clarify Im no feminist but Im a woman and if it as me i be scary to travel alone to a beach hotel that was half empty cause "why can't I travel alone and noone with me"? "Im free and independent". I mean why a lady invited a stranger to her room or maybe the guy saw her pretty and he has the key to all the rooms and maybe she wnated some action that nite and things got our of control? Just assum
Do you think that still there are things where women need the help of a another person even if they deserve to feel independent and free?
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