How do you feel about the ongoing corporate embargo on supporting Kyle Rittenhouse?

Any and all support and fundraising efforts for Rittenhouse on Facebook and Twitter, including GoFundMe attempts, have been repeatedly being being deleted and taken down, along with any back-dated positive accounts of his previous actions or character; Twitter and Facebook have also locked the accounts of his attorneys, along with those of all his family members, his friends and anyone who he ever worked with. VISA, Discover and Paypal have all been blocking donations to his legal defense, and numerous large corporations, including Goodyear and American Airlines, along with sports organizations such as the NBA and NFL, have not only been obligating their employees and members to show support for BLM and Antifa, along with radical leftism, but blocking them from voicing any support for law enforcement, as well as from providing any financial donations to conservative and/or religious causes (incl. the Republican Party), under the threat of immediate expulsion.

Meanwhile, we now know that there was a gunshot that apparently narrowly missed Rittenhouse before he opened fire on armed pedophile Joseph Don Rosenbaum, who was convicted of having repeatedly molested, orally and anally sodomized five boys between the ages of 9 and 11- including a pair of twins, who he also forced to anally penetrate one another. In spite of this, however, GoFundMe is still raising money in the name of the convicted child rapist. By the end of last week, 877 donors had contributed $25,390 to help pay for the funeral, and help Rosenbaum’s fiancée and surviving daughter. But social-media sites regularly scrubbed positive stories about Rittenhouse, and take down efforts to raise money for his defense. And the details of Rosenbaum’s criminal record, along with the criminal records of both the other two men who were shot by Rittenhouse, have also been deliberately omitted, and will never receive any mention from the media. So then, how do you feel about this clear double standard?
How do you feel about the ongoing corporate embargo on supporting Kyle Rittenhouse?
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