When are we going to take preventive measures vs Wildfires?

I wrote about this in response to someoen elses question a few days ago.

Australia and the U. K. use Fire Walls inside their cities and on the outskirts of their cities, so when there is a wildfire the towns and cities don't burn down. So even when a really bad wilfire happens, like a few years ago, they don't lose entire cities to them.

Here in the U. S. as is typical there is little to no disaster planning, so the way we fight wildfires is like sticking a band-aid on a severed limb, it just isn't going to work. We need Cinder block firewalls around the perimeters of our western cities and towns, and that will stop the cities/towns from getting destroyed by the wildfires.

We already know this strategy works, so why Governors and Presidents and Senators aren't doing something about it is beyond me.

We can spend 650 BILLION dollars per year on the military, but we can't spend a few million on some cinder block walls? Come on. This is the USA, not some third world country. Freaking leaders need to grow a spine and do the responsible thing once in a while.

We're not going to "Stop" man-made global warming, because even if we did a full sotp on our pollution now, it would take over 50,000 years for the carbon cycle to absorb all the pollution we've made so far, so "stopping" AGW is impossible, but we need to mitigate it and convert to clean fuels and stop polluting, otherwise the Pacific West is going to look like an uninhabitable charred wasteland within the next several decades.

If we don't stop polluting, the Wildfires and tornadoes and hurricanes are going to get even 10 times worse than they already are and half of entire continents land mass will become uninhabitable to humans.

But anyway, a good mitigation strategy for the fires in the meantime is simply, "MAKE CINDER BLOCK OR STONE FIREWALLS AROUND THE TOWNS AND CITIES".

It's very simple, 40,000 years old technology. Don't tell me it can't be done in the USA..
When are we going to take preventive measures vs Wildfires?
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