Can we be honest about racism and BLM?

First of all, some of my best firends in high school and college were black, so I'm not a racist. So that's the context.

Here, black people are blaming white people for everything tha tgoes wrong, and you know I agree about the police brutality and excessive force, there is no sense in officers shooting someone in the back point black who was unarmed. It's murder. Okay so they should be prosecuted for 2nd degree murder.

But the black people need to admit that they are committing 5 to 6 times more violent crimes than white people, depending on location of residence anyway, and this is as determined by REAL WORLD CRIME STATISTICS compiled by police and district attorneys. White people commit more white collar crime, that's true, but black people literally kill one another and rape one another and assault one another 5 or 6 times more than white people do. So black peopel, the truth is your own worst enemy happens to be other black people, not white people.

I don't want to defund the police, I want double the funding for police training and double the funding for our state and federal prisons. We need to arrest all the criminals, regardless of race, and put them in prison for an appropriate sentence, and leave murderers and rapists and such there to rot, or else execute the worst offenders. This bit of releasing criminals with a slap on the wrist needs to stop.

You're never going to have peace until you ban hand guns for EVERYONE except law enforcement, and I mean a more completely trained law enforcement, not half-trained police officers..
Can we be honest about racism and BLM?
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