Do you really believe in what BLM stands for at this point?

There is just an overwhelming amount of evidence that they are a violent marxist group that's causing terror around the US at this point. I'm sick of posting the videos and articles just for pro-BLM liberals to reject the facts, insult, and then block me. In real life, it just ends in getting screamed at. The emotional maturity as to how these people act is astonishing. Bunch of damn children throwing irrational tantrums.

I'm reading an overwhelming amount of articles now that people are fleeing radical democratic ran cities.

NYC specifically is seeing a staggering number of people moving due to the amount of crime. Imagine you're raising a family, and earning a living- and then a staggering amount of crime picks up amid the progression of this BLM movement. You're scared and don't know what to do because you're on furrow because of the shut down and trying to keep your finances afloat. Now, the leaders of NY get on the news and tell you that they are defunding your police department 1 billion dollars. Then crime goes up even more. You're hearing gunshots nightly. And then the mayor states that he's releasing violent criminals onto the street out of compassion. Then crime rates go up even more. Then Biden comes up on the news and states he wants more taxes. After that, you turn on the news and see our leaders justifying this behavior.

... This is the reality of so many Americans right now. There are a multitude of articles and sources, and interviews showcasing the reality. I mean who in their right mind supports this group now? I don't believe that two-third of Americans are this easily brainwashed and stupid. I have more faith in the American people. It takes basic research. VERY minimal research and digging to discover the realities as to what's happening. I mean facts. Not confirmation bias, but facts.

This is election season, but my god- this is astonishing. Never witnessed anything like it.
Do you really believe in what BLM stands for at this point?
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