Why are so many people so close minded?

Often when someone asks me a question and they don't get the answer they wanted or were expecting they get upset and sometimes defensive. Other times when having a discussion and I present them with an idea they don't agree with they get defensive. There are other situation of conversation where something I say will cause the person to get mad just because I've presented a different point of view or brought a new idea to the table. I've been insulted for trying to thing Objectively and even received a death threat or two. So I have to ask why is this. Is it because people don't like have their beliefs put in danger by an outside idea that discredits what they believe? Or is it just that people are closed minded and don't like to think differently from what they already think they know? Do people just not like nuance?

So my question to you is, why are so many people so close minded?
Why are so many people so close minded?
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