Is this lady a horrible person?

Kara is a 31 years old single mother. She has a 10 year old son named Jasper and she's dating a man named Thor. Thor gives Kara money, nice clothes, and this money she gets allows her to only have to work part-time and she can do more for her son, Jasper. Even though Thor is a great provider, he's physically and vebally abusive. One day Thor slapped Kara in the face and called her a whore in front of Jasper. Jasper tells her that she should call the police after he sees she has a black eye, but Kara says that Thor loves her very much and he's just going through a rough time right now. She also added that if you truly love someone, your not just going to get up and leave once things get tough.

Terrified, Jasper started wetting the bed and got beat up for it, which only caused him to wet the bed more and have trouble sleeping, then Jasper found out Kara is pregnant by Thor.
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Is this lady a horrible person?
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