Should father's have equal rights as Mothers?

In a lot countries father's don't have equal rights as Mothers... hence the child often times get kept from the father and the child grows up without a father in his/her life.

Why do women blame men saying He was never there when she never allowed him to be?

I know a guy who dated a girl and she ran off with his kid to another city.
Let me be fair to both parties here he did make an effort but she never allowed him to even visit her son her son is 15 and wants nothing to do with his s dad because she black poisoned his mind against his father (who fought the court and lost)
Those years when she took his kid she told him the following. He made a voice recording and Copied it onto his old computer... he has made from dozens of copies and voice recordings As evidence to his Kid to show his kid d that he was interested in being part of his last few (if his kid ever wants to talk to his dad)
This was what Told The Dad
Her words: "you can't tell me XYZ about "my"(like it's her child alone) for you the kid is a luxury for me he is "my" (again like it's her kid alone) responsibility.
Years later she tells everyone that he was never around but he called and she never picked up her phone.
Truth is he still has reciepys of court costs of lawyers bills
Of father's rights attorney bills

The kid hates His dad...(refusing to hear both sides of the story)
Yes they should have
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No (as a woman/male feminist) they should not have equal rights
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Men know the Risks... Let's just leave it at that
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Girls need to let father's have equal rights
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Should father's have equal rights as Mothers?
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