Does anyone else feel this way about Joe Biden?

Does anyone else feel this way about Joe Biden?
I don't support him but I can't get myself to dislike him. Nothing he says is his own words, the Democratic Party has been doing all of the talking for him and telling him just to say "yes". They're propping him up and coaching him like a child, and I find it disgusting because it's elder abuse for political gain. I've heard of puppet politicians but in this case, Joe Biden is a literal puppet being controlled by the Democratic Party. They keep JOe in the basement and do all of his talking for him and when they let him out they make him read from a teleprompter. The only thing I can really get mad at him about is that he's been in politics as long as my mother has been alive and has done almost nothing, but that just makes him an average politician.

This election isn't Trump vs Biden, it's Trump vs the Democratic Party.
I also don't understand why the DNC keeps nominating the most dislikeable people as their candidate. They had Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard running, I don't support them myself but I will admit that they're actually likable and actually stood a chance against Trump. But no, they chose a demented old man, and last time they chose one of the most hated women in America.

I think the Democratic Party is disgusting for the was they're using and abusing Joe Biden. He needs to hang his suit up for good and enjoy the last few years of his life with what's left of his family.
Does anyone else feel this way about Joe Biden?
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