Do you support the eviction moratorium issued by the CDC?

I support it for the most part but I also think that payments landlords paid to the bank to buy the property should also be put on hold. If the bank collapses because of that good reddens; they like the rest of the financial sector are nothing but economic parasites that get rich by exploiting the system versus contributing to it. I think a case could also be made for landlords being the same in that regard but I'm not convinced of that.Now if you're going to say that the landlord shouldn't have to suffer the consequences because their tenants were financially irresponsible and didn't save enough for a crisis, well maybe next time the landlord screens rent applications they'll be more careful to only allow tenants who0 are more financially responsible. Also, if you don't think that the government should be sticking its' nose into a consensual agreement between two people, you're entitled to your opinion but then the landlord shouldn't come to the government asking them to enforce an eviction order.
Do you support the eviction moratorium issued by the CDC?
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