Do you ever think about all the young men who died in wars?

I hate watching war movies because afterwards i get really sad and think really deep about all them brave young men.

It gets me so mad but a lot of today's young men and women get so easily offended. Left and right there just as bad as each other. They can't handle the real world, they don't know how to stick up for themselves like a real adult. They just bitch online and think making a hashtag will change the world.

Some of these young men who went to war were only teenagers and were so innocent. I can't help but imagine how scared they were and yet they had to stay brave for their country. They went through terrible, inhuman torture that no one should have to go through and the ones who were lucky enough to survive just had to carry on. Mental health wasn't spoken about in them days.

They had normal lifes taken away from them, yet are generation can't even manage social distancing. Were so spoilt and have never had to deal with something so scary and difficult in are lifes. These men couldn't see their loved ones for years, there was no texting or face time. If they wanted to talk they had to write a hand written letter and hopefully get a response in a couple months.

People were so brave back then and it really saddens me whenever i think about all them young lifes ruined. Yet if it wasn't for them life wouldn't be what it is today. They really did make the biggest sacrifice and sometimes i wonder what for.
Do you ever think about all the young men who died in wars?
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