Do you support support socialistic ideologies?

Socialism to me seems like something that would happen if someone tried to generalise the needs of all humans and create a system optimised for it but what happens if someone wants to do thier own thing? But if that was to be ignored a critical thing most people (on both sides of the isle, if such a thing exists) seem to be with the misunderstanding of is the idea that controling and reallocating resources or means of production controls progress, this however is not the case, the amount of money thrown at something doesn't necessitate a constant progress. Apple hoards something along the lines of 250 billion dollars in cash (which it loses to inflation by the way) reserves but if it could guarantee progress it would be invested in all technologies it could get decent profits out of.

The point being money and resource allocation doesn't mean progress as it seems a job too hard for a single human or a group of humans to do. Progress seems efficient as an emergent behaviour. Capitalism, maybe, just maybe isn't about rutheless efficiency (in terms of capital allocation).
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Do you support support socialistic ideologies?
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