An analysis on American culture?

Have you ever wondered why people are often so fake? Our culture incentivizes it, in my opinion. Hollywood, social media, entertainment, it's all beaming images of fake personas, unrealistic standards of beauty, people that "always know the perfect things to say" and it's all fake. Not real. I feel like you meet the average American person and it has all rubbed off on them too. Most people are social media addicted, they think their thousands of followers on Instagram warrants them celebrity status and it makes them interesting (too interesting for you, I might add) so don't even try talking to them. You just might be inconveniencing them.

You know what I'm saying? It seems like our culture is just rotten to the bone. Not that we don't have some positives scattered in there somewhere, but mostly, it seems to rot people's brains to the point where most people have a very weak judgment of character, latch easily onto trends and trendy behaviors, and as a result, they complete lack any sense of soul or personal identity that would otherwise make them a much more interesting person. It's much "cooler" to be trendy and say and do all the popular things, rather than actually be genuine, you know?

I really hope our popular culture takes a positive turn in this next decade, that values authenticity and really helps shape the public for the better. It's always proven to influence the masses drastically (unfortunately), we might as well start trying to promote finer things in life, not degenerate behaviors and lifestyles. More positivity. More authenticity. Bring people together. Not divide based on toxic actions, beliefs, lifestyles, and politicizing everything.
An analysis on American culture?
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