Why are you Vegan or Vegetarian?

I am a big meat eater and have never understood why people decide to be Vegan/Vegetarian. I have heard two arguments for it one being simply they don't like the taste of meat which is fine I guess. The other being a moral issue with it.

I can understand the moral issue with the giant farms treating the animals badly and I am against it. But as long as the animals are treated well enough I see no difference with a human killing a cow for food or a lion killing a zebra for food. I also wonder if you had a cow that was given everything it wanted and treated like a king and it died of old age would you be okay with eating it. Of course, the meat would not taste as good but would you have a moral issue with eating the meat.

There is also the issue of furs/leather and wool. Wool I do not understand at all since modern sheep literally have to be sheared since their fur doesn't stop growing and it will kill them so you should at least use the wool for something. For leather and things like sheep furs, I understand a little more. But cows and sheep are killed every single day for meat so as long as that is not stopped it would be best if the rest of the animal didn't go to waste. Cows and sheep are not just killed for their pelts.

I even lost a friend over this. One of my best friends from high school went to different colleges and we met up on the first winter break and I didn't know she became vegan and She verbally attacked me for wearing Ugg boots that day. She showed me that fake video of the sheep and said she couldn't be my friend if I didn't throw out all my leather. Which is just stupid, since it would be more moral to keep using it until they wore out and not buy anymore. I just couldn't believe the change in her in HS she wore Uggs and other leather more than me.
Why are you Vegan or Vegetarian?
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