Social chaos better or worse based upon leader chosen?

Lets review what is coming up in our world

a. Ongoing Currency debasement... and cost of groceries going up... poverty and hunger! 54million americans hungry right now. many in the world hungry.
b. A president elected... country split down the middle
c. Police whom engaged and killed George Floyd will go on trial, and a few likely released.
Dude who killed several people with machine gun in Wisconin will be released for self defense, maybe charged with an illegal gun crime but doubt it. no brainer
d. continuing videos of police/citizen issues. Nothing changes until citizens calm down and/or we have police robots.

I just don't see a lot of these issues going well, not falling the direction of BLM or Antifa. And that group is emotional hair trigger scary.
Chaos less under biden
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Chaos less under Trump
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IT don't matter... gonna be bad
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It will be fine in most places, don't matter
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Social chaos better or worse based upon leader chosen?
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