Isn't body positivity encouraging and promoting fatness?

its like the “politically correct” way of treating fat people is by accepting them and saying the look fine, and if you call them a fat pig... you are an asshole and everyone hates you.
Isnt body positivity encouraging and promoting fatness?
basically being fat is fine now...
but i think thats wrong,
if everyone is nice to fat people and acts like nothing’s wrong, where is their motivation to lose weight gonna come from? theyre jus gonna sit on couch and think “oh well, fuck it, no one is bothered that im fat”

but i think the people who are mean to fat people and shame them and say they look gross are actually helping motivate fat people and giving them inspiration to get in the gym... they will be sad and cry that they look gross and wanting to make themself look better... if they think its not ok to be fat... that will motivate them to get in the gym and improve their health,

so in a way... people who are mean to fat people... are actually being nice to them by trying to motivate them in the gym to get better and healthier so they live longer?
isn't that a good thing?

the people who accepts fat people like its fine are being mean cos they are encouraging them to continue earing and sit on their ass so that their health can get worse and eventually die young, thats more mean in my opinion..

so why is body positivity around now like irs a good thing?
its not, lets all hate and shame fat people a little more shall we? for their own good,
yes body positivity is stupid and being fat is not acceptable
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who cares? be fat and sit on your ass, its fine
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oh and also another poll: body positivity is a good thing)

jus comment that if you want
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i jus care about fat peoples health. thats why im mean to them x
Isn't body positivity encouraging and promoting fatness?
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