Abortion, what's the verdict?

Abortion. I get nausiated by the sound of it in my head. Spreads thousands of arguments a day and is STILL the main thing not only keeping people from going Left but the only thing that keeps people from really diving into the different facts of each party. Majority speaking. I applaud those who dive deeper against all odds or at least care enough to try and see past their beliefs. My mom has forever been stuck on supporting Pro-life, mostly because she miss-carried and knows even further how it effects people or at least people like her. At the same time she hasn't been out in the world that much for decades. Was never a partier or one to care about it or understand clubbing culture. So it sort of solidifies as the same thing with sluts/sinners and all, but subconciously. I recognize this with so many people. They have such fear of different cultures they lose the need of understanding it. I want to know what others opinions are on the subject and why they believe what they believe, and I'd prefer people to post with facts as well as opinions.
Abortion, whats the verdict?
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How should the process be reformed?
Abortion, what's the verdict?
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