Why did Rasmussen produce such a misleading poll?

Rasmussen's latest poll has Biden +12

However, their methodology seems fatally flawed. Historically, Rasmussen has produced the more Trump friendly (and most accurate in 2016) polls.

Trumps approval rating with Republican voters in the latest Gallup poll is 94%.

He has consistently averaged 88% for his entire term.

So why did Rasmussen introduce a 76% support level (unexplained) from registered Republican voters in to their methodology for their latest poll?

If they used Trumps average (which is standard) the poll comes out at Biden +1

If they used the latest approval rating of 94% then it's Trump +4.

I see zero evidence that Trump is loosing Republican support. On the contrary, it appears to be rising. And the massive enthusiasm gap supports that claim.

So what is going on here? Why do they appear to be deliberately producing false polls that shows Biden with a huge lead, when they full well know themselves that just isn't the case?
Why did Rasmussen produce such a misleading poll?
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