Are Americans really that crazy?

I've watched a lot of Louis Theroux documentaries and I've noticed most of the craziest ones he's made are on people living in America.

I think sometimes the media trys to paint Americas as stupid, delusional and self centered. Usually Americans from the south get a very bad rep in the media for being racist, cousin fucking, gun, jesus nut jobs. Which i think is a really unfair representation.

Some Americans I've spoke to are really kind, sweet and caring people. They treat people like there family almost compared to how English people interact with each other 😂.

I have also spoken to some crazy American people as well. One guy said to me "i hate fags, the only man another man should love is Jesus H Christ" 🤣 I've also been criticised by some Americans for having a boyfriend and planning to live with him before marriage which makes no sense to me at all. I've had all sorts of crazy run ins with some Americans especially on this site. I even had a American teacher at school who kicked a boy out of class for calling a girl "hot" and threatened to expel him for it, when it was a private conversation between him and his friend.

But it wouldn't be fair to paint all Americans with the same brush, surely your not all crazy? 🤣. It just everything i see in TV and on the Internet about America tells me you guys are like Here comes Honey Booboo and Tiger King for example.
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I once got asked by a American if i knew Prince Harry or had ever seen him in the supermarkets shopping 😂... by a grown man.

Im not picking on Americans i just think its bad schools don't teach them about the world around them good enough.

I think maybe it's something to do with the fact a lot of Americans can't afford medical bills so have a lot of mental health issues and learning disabilities that go unnoticed and the education system isn't great either
Are Americans really that crazy?
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