Why would he say such wonderful things about me and then treat me like crap?

I've kinda had a fling with this guy off and on for 3 years. He was the first guy I made out with and went down on. I at least felt like we had a really strong chemistry and I was starting to like him. He invited me to his formal at the beach, but I didn't go because I would have had to share a bed with him. I am a virgin and didn't really trust myself around him, also I didn't know what else could happen and I didn't know many people on the trip. The next year, I just ended things with this guy that I was dating. We bumped into each other at a party and he ended up going home with me. That was the first time I did oral. I invited him to my 21st birthday party and he didn't go even though he was two doors down at another party. I ended up crying my eyes out because of him and another big reason with my sorority. The next year, was out senior year and he was going to graduate. I was into one of his other frat brothers. He told me that I shouldn't do anything with his frat brother because he was a jerk and that I was smarter than that. A few after that I bumped into him at the bar. My roommate and I started to talk to him and his other fraternity brothers. We ended up going back to ace with him. We made out and he started to go down on me. He said that he felt like he shouldn't be doing that. His roommates/frat brothers came in . We went downstairs to hangout with them for a little bit. We listened to music and he but the sheet over me and him and we held hands under the sheet. I went to the bathroom upstairs (which is where his bedroom is) He went upstairs to his room. We ended up making out some more and we started talking. He kept on asking me questions. I really want a relationship, but don't want to seem desperate and don't just anybody. Anyhow, he kept on talking to me. I told him that I felt like all guys wanted from me was to fool around with me. He told me that I had a lot more to offer. He kept asking questions. and I told him to stop becuase I was gonna start getting emotional. He kept talking and I just started to cry, which was so embarrassing. He held me and told me that I was gorgeous and that I was going to find a great guy and that he'd be surprised if I wasn't married in 5 years. I was so tiered and kinda tipsy, when he left to go to the bathroom I fell asleep. I ended up falling asleep! which was extremely embarrassing. I went down stairs again to wake up enough to walk back to my place. We went downstairs and hung out a little bit. Then he went up stairs and I guess went to bed. I ended up drinking some water and walking back. I texted him the next day and said thank you for being so cool yesterday. He never responded. I texted him on his graduation day to wish hi a graduation day and he never responded. I knew he could be a jerk, and he even admitted it, but why would he say such nice things and then ignore me and kinda treat me like crap? did he just feel bad? or was he saying goodbye in his own way?
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oh and when I was at the bar with my roommate and we bummped into him. I went to go say hi to someone I knew. He said "you can't take Sarah anywhere, she always ends up knowing everybody" lol and he also asked my roommate "your Sarah's roommate?... That's so coool!" lol His one faternity brother that we dated and asked my roommate you know they dated right? right? and even asked me I said that we talked for a little bit but that we never actually went on an offical date, which was kinda true
Why would he say such wonderful things about me and then treat me like crap?
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